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Your website can make or break your business. You need a beautiful design and engaging images, but most importantly you should have descriptive copy and content. So how do you write website copy that will actually engage your audience and increase conversions?  

1. Remember that readers like to scan. They're more concerned with the big picture than the details. Keep it concise but packed with flavor. Less is more, if that "less" answers the visitor's questions.  

2. Solve the problem first. What is your customer's main pain point? How does your business offer a solution? Your website copy should directly address this problem-solution in the top headers and CTAs.  

3. Write in your brand voice. Skip the jargon and fancy language. Write with personality from your brand to better engage your new and repeat audience.  

4. Give them relevant information. If you're a local business, your address and hours are vital to generating footsteps in-store. If you sell products, the materials and sizing should be front and center. Any information that encourages conversions should be at the core of your copy.  

5. Make your call to action actionable. You should constantly be encouraging your website visitors to move to the next impression through clear steps and language. You want to design your copy to maintain a "hold" on your customers, even after they leave your site.  

6. Do keyword research. Search engines optimize web copy. So include keywords and phrases on each web page to ensure you optimize for search.  

7. Focus on grammar. Your copy should show your professionalism and credibility. Only break grammar rules if it's on purpose.  

8. Pair copy with images. The copy gives information and brand voice, while the visuals engage and attract visitors. Images that emphasize and reiterate the copy are more likely to increase retention and encourage conversion.  

9. Stay consistent. You can reuse phrases and words throughout your site for a sense of unified, branded copy. Repurposinng product features, benefits, and calls to action especially help impress key facts on your reader.  

10. Edit, edit, edit. The writer should edit. Someone else should edit. You want to make sure the copy is legible, cohesive, and gets the point across before publishing.  

Is your website copy converting the way you'd like it to? Try out the above tips and tricks to start seeing a change in impressions, audience engagement, and CTA click throughs. 


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